ACX type air classifier

ACX-50 – laboratoryjny system klasyfikacji pneumatycznej

As a result of the attempts made Comex has developed a new comminution system employing a jet mill andan air classifier, for a laboratory use. The system can be configured as the JMX50 jet mill alone (with the internal air classifier), the ACX50 air classifier alone, or both JMX-ACX systems.

Principle of operation of the laboratory air classification system

The feed material enters by gravity from the screw feeder silo with a constant feedrate to the system before the inlet to the classifier. There, the material is dispersed into the air. Then, pneumatically, the material goes to the air classifier, where the feed material is separated into two fractions, fine and coarse. The fine fraction goes to the cyclone where it is separated from the air. Ending the cyclone outlet with a pinch valve ensures trouble-free sample. Similarly, coarse particles they fall by gravity down of the classifier through a pinch valve or rotary cell are separated from the air and evacuated from the system.collection during system operation.

The photos below show this system.

Laboratory pneumatic classification system parameters:
• capasity up to 25kg/h
• Rotor diameter 50mm
• Coarse and fine fraction outlet with shut-off valve for sampling
• Adjustment of all air flows
• Top product size adjustable from 3 to 300um
• low energy demand
• compact mechanical design
• easy connection system enabling quick cleaning after testing
• low cost of maintaining the entire device
• registration of all system parameters to a csv file

More details can be found in the brochure JMX50 ACX50

Key benefits:

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