Laboratory equipment

Comex laboratory equipment

What puts Comex at the absolute forefront of companies specializing in the field of powdering and sorting, and makes us a trustworthy partner, is our own testing laboratory. We are one of the few to have a professionally equipped pilot-scale facility. This allows us to carry out all research and development work much faster, more accurately and cheaper than our competitors.

The staff of our laboratory are scientists and engineers.

The staff of our laboratory are researchers and engineers. When hiring them, we were guided by their specialized training in their work and their experience in working on solutions targeted at industrial, mining or metallurgical markets. We are confident that the personnel working in the laboratory are leading experts in their fields.

With the technologically advanced tests we conduct at the Comex laboratory, our customers gain a lot. We are the best in the market at optimizing technologies, systems and solutions that are crucial to the daily operations of companies in areas such as the mining, chemical and medical industries. In the laboratory, we conduct comprehensive analyses of samples provided to us by customers. In this way, we precisely calibrate sorting or powdering equipment to the specific needs of individual companies.

Global scientific and research network

By operating our own laboratory, we can be fully part of a global scientific and research network. We maintain, develop and initiate contacts with specialists from all over the world. We benefit from the experience and research results developed at other research facilities. We have ongoing cooperation with the largest Scandinavian research institute SINTEF Materials Technology. This world-renowned center has been operating since the 1950s, and currently employs more than 2,000 scientists from 75 countries. 75% of the researchers working at SINTEF have doctoral degrees to their credit. With such strong ties between Comex and the scientific community, our customers are guaranteed that when working with Comex, they benefit from access to up-to-date and verified knowledge.

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