Powder processing

Comex offers innovative grinding systems developed in its own laboratory.

They guarantee high grinding capacity and significantly lower energy consumption compared to traditional methods. Comex pulverization technologies can produce materials with a grain size limit of 1.2 microns (d97) and at the same time show high efficiency for coarse grains.

It should also be noted that our powdering technology is a waste-free technology, which makes it environmentally friendly, and allows you to reduce environmental pollution to zero.

By using our powdering systems, you ensure:

High separation efficiency
The final product with the required grain composition
Production of high-quality materials
The grinding process is carried out in high purity conditions
Particle size control system
Noticeably lower energy consumption during the pulverizing process

Choose a system:

Our powdering technologies provide a wide range of benefits:

Increase in productivity by 90% (at -70 microns) and 120% (at -40 microns)
Increased production flexibility due to the elimination of some “wet” stages of the process
Reduction of environmental pollution to zero (waste-free technology)
Reduction of the effect of “unnecessary grinding” in the mill
Full control of the produced material
Less energy consumption.

Our grinding systems are designed for:

Metallurgical industry
Food industry
Chemical industry
Medical industry
Processing industry
Electronic industry
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