ZZX type air classifier

ZZX type air classifier

Gravity classifier ZZX – grinding efficiency

The grinding system we have developed ensures effective separation and removal of the light fraction from the starting material and precise removal of particles from the feed.

The effect of using our classifier is obtaining the required division of the input material into a fine and coarse fraction.

How does the ZZX aerodynamic classifier work?

The ACX aerodynamic (pneumatic) classifier is combined with a cyclone, air filter and fan.

The ZZX gravity classifier is combined with a cyclone, an air filter and a fan. The batch material is gravitationally delivered to the classifier by means of a vibrating feeder. Inside the classifier there are appropriately shaped blades that form a tight labyrinth. The bottom-up airflow lifts the light fraction and removes it from the starting material. It is then pneumatically transported to the cyclone while the coarse fraction sinks to the bottom.

Depending on the flow rate and the amount of separated material, the size of particles that we are able to remove from the feed is determined. The greater the flow, the larger the particles removed from the feed.

The product removed from the feed goes pneumatically to the cyclone. There, almost all particles are separated from the air. The cyclone outlet is connected to a filter where very fine material particles are separated.

The filter outlet is connected to a fan to provide negative pressure in the classification system.

Air flow through the gravity classifier is controlled by a flow sensor. Appropriate air flow ensures the required division of the feed material into fine and coarse fractions.

Key benefits:

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