ACX type air classifier

ACX type air classifier

ACX aerodynamic classifiers – high productivity, low cost

Aerodynamic classifiers ACX belong to the main group of products supplied by Comex. They have been in our offer continuously since 1993, and throughout this time they have been consistently popular. ACX classifiers are able to separate materials down to 2-3 microns (d97), which puts them at the forefront of aerodynamic classifiers that you can find on the market. Most machines of this type have been used in the mineral industry, bringing a number of benefits there.

How does the ACX aerodynamic classifier work?

The ACX aerodynamic (pneumatic) classifier is combined with a cyclone, air filter and fan.

The batch material is evenly supplied to the classifier by means of a screw or vibrating feeder and pneumatic transport. In this type of separator, the material falls inwards from the bottom.

The falling material is dispersed on the dispersion cone. Inside the classifier there is a rotor with a diameter depending on the size of the device. The speed of the impeller determines the size of the particles that are able to pass through the spaces between the blades. Coarse/heavy particles are rejected by the impeller and fall by gravity to the second fraction.

An additional element here is secondary air, supplied through a tangential pipe in the lower part. It causes additional dispersion of the falling coarse fraction and the release of fine grains that have a chance to re-enter the rotor sphere and reach the product through the blades. The higher the speed, the finer the material you get. The product that has passed through the impeller is pneumatically sent to the cyclone, where almost all particles are removed from the air. The outlet of the cyclone is connected to a filter where very fine particles are separated from the gas.

At the end of the installation there is a fan that provides negative pressure in the classification system. The air flow through the pneumatic classifier is controlled by flow sensors. Appropriate rotation of the classifier rotor and air flow ensure the required division of the feed material into fine/light and coarse/heavy fractions.

Parameters of the offered aerodynamic classifiers

In our offer you will find 7 models of ACX series aerodynamic classifiers. They differ in a number of parameters. We have described all of them in the table below, so that you can easily and conveniently find the model that best suits your needs.

Key benefits:

High classification efficiency
Fine grain size down to 2 microns (at d97)
High productivity
Low pressure drop
Low energy requirements for classification
Low wear on the moving parts of the machine
Reduced operating and maintenance costs
Feeding system using gravity and mixing with air
Ability to process “difficult” materials
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