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Modern sorting technologies and powder processing

Comex is known for its innovative sorting systems and pulverizing technology. Our team of experienced engineers, our own laboratory and constant cooperation with the largest research network allow us to offer our customers highly innovative technologies for the production and separation of fine powders and optical separation of large particles.

We create our sorting systems for mines, processing plants, chemical plants, and recycling plants. Everywhere they bring measurable benefits, crucial for business success. They optimize production costs and increase the profitability of production processes by improving the quality of the final product.

Since 2003, we have provided over 150 innovative sorting solutions for larger and smaller mining and production plants from dozens of countries. In Europe alone, our systems are known in over 20 countries. Our sales representatives reside in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia.

Separation technologies : the answer to the challenges

Our own testing laboratory allows us to carry out a full analysis of samples provided by customers. In this way, we calibrate devices for individual, specific needs. Our sorting systems are the perfect answer to your technological challenges.

Comex’s operations also face one of the most important global challenges, which is environmental protection. The separation solutions we create have a positive impact on nature. They allow you to reduce energy consumption, and their use makes it possible to obtain more environmentally friendly parameters.

Separation technologies : the answer to the challenges

Our know-how and expertise in the field of sorting systems or separation technologies are no accident. Comex comes from SIM Investment Group and SINTEF Materials Technology</a >. It is a Scandinavian research giant operating since the 1950s, employing over 2,000 scientists from 75 countries. 70% of them hold a PhD. Our cooperation brings measurable benefits in the form of innovative, unavailable to competition solutions.

By choosing Comex, you gain access to them yourself.

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