Research and development

We focus on development and innovation

Providing you with highly advanced sorting systems, pulverizing technologies or separation solutions is possible thanks to the great attention we pay to research and development. We regularly invest in this area of Comex’s activity so as not to lose its leading position in the industry. In order not to disappoint you – we have been working for a long time to earn the trust of our customers.

We are supported by outstanding researchers

The high innovativeness of our solutions for sorting, powdering or segregating also results from intensive and regular cooperation with foreign universities and research institutions. We offer you systems that are created in the laboratories of SINTEF, the largest research unit in Scandinavia, and at the Norwegian University of Technology. Its structure includes over 100 laboratories, and the specialists working there coordinate numerous research projects as part of programs related to innovation.

Welcome to our laboratory

What distinguishes Comex from the competition is the test laboratory. We have equipped them with high-tech equipment to be able to test the samples you provide with the highest accuracy. We effectively check the impact of our equipment on a given raw material. We present detailed results of such tests and set the optimal parameters for a given production process. We can easily scale them to larger units.

Our own test laboratory gives us a significant market advantage. But it also gives us confidence that the solution provided to you is indeed the best.

We invite you not only to visit the laboratory and familiarize yourself with our equipment. We encourage you to personally take part in our tests and see how seriously we take your needs.

Comex information:

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