Why Comex?

More profits, less costs

You can increase productivity by up to 120% while reducing energy consumption by up to 90% by using our sorting systems and pulverizing technology.

Pro version tests

The sent samples are thoroughly tested in our own technologically advanced laboratory. We adapt the tests to specific guidelines, thanks to which we ensure the high quality of the sorting, separation and pulverizing equipment we deliver.

Commitment and cooperation

We listen carefully. We help in the selection of solutions. We invite you to joint tests. We support the use of devices. We ensure the comfort of cooperation and we sign the final contract only after positive test results.

Quality confirmed by references

Our pulverizing technologies and sorting systems work well in many industrial applications, including in the production of: mineral concentrates, abrasives, advanced composite materials, glass fiber or fillers for paper, rubbers, paints or plastics.

We care for the environment together

By using our technologies, you make the world cleaner. The amount of waste generated is reduced, you reduce energy consumption and use the material in recycling more efficiently.

We focus on innovation

The powdering, sorting and sorting solutions patented by us are unique in the world. Thanks to them, you will get dispersed materials with a size of several microns.

Comex information:

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