Comex as a Partner of the 6th Mineral Engineeering Conference MEC 2023

On June 14-16, the 6th Mineral Engineering Conference MEC 2023 was held. Comex was a Partner of the event.

This year, the Conference, held in Wisła, gathered participants and speakers from all over the world. Within 3 days, 39 papers were presented in 6 thematic sessions.

Comex speakers – Jacek Kołacz and Jakub Progorowicz, had the opportunity to deliver 3 lectures, which met with a very positive reception, because they showed that the solutions offered by Comex meet the real needs of today’s world.

The “EIT RM infinite resource of innovation – we inspire, support, connect” turned out to be extremely interesting. As part of this block, the Dynosort project, in which Comex is a participant, was presented by the R&D Director at Comex – Jakub Progorowicz.

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