Comex  sorting solutions and sophisticated processing equipment for demanding industrial applications. The sorting equipment can be applied for separation of various ores, based on differences in physical properties.

In metal recycling industry based on our sensors and experience we can separate non ferrous metals and their alloys. It allows to recovered metals in the appropriate purity class.

Main sorting unit information:

  • Main sensor configurations:
    • CXRT series
    • CXRT-M-RGB series
    • CXRT-M-IR series
  • Unit sizes:
    • 1000 – separation working width ~1000 mm;
    • 1500 – separation working width ~1500 mm;


Metal sorting types: zinc, tin, brass, copper, aluminium, brad,  titan, bronze

Key benefits:

Low investment and lifecycle cost
Possibility to combine different sensors in the same sorting unit
Advanced software providing complex analysis from different sensors
High separating efficiency up to 99 %
High precision separation by pneumatic Nozzles
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