Sorting technologies

We have created and are constantly developing our sorting technologies with professionals in mind.

About those who have high requirements and expect the best solutions in the area of sorting materials.

Sorting equipment

We have earned the position of a market leader in the field of sorting with a rich and constantly expanded range of equipment. We offer an optical sorting system based on comprehensive image analysis and with advanced image processing functions. The CXR separation system features enhanced optical properties, selective camera filters and different lighting frequencies. The VSX 3D scanning sorting system is used to create precise 3D scans of each particle. Comex MSX is a solution that provides a wide range of testing and characterization of analyzed particles. Using our mobile control system it is possible to create temporary or permanent sorting lines.

Choose a system:

Areas of application

Our sorting solutions are particularly desired by companies operating in the processing, mining and construction industries. Separation systems will prove themselves in industrial processes, especially in the mining industry.

They can be used to sort metal ore or coal. Our innovative grinding systems have been used by companies from the metallurgical, food, medical and electronics industries for years.

The scope of use of sorting products increases with our mobile sorting system, installed in standard sea containers. It is a flexible, easy to move and install anywhere logistics solution.

Regardless of where the sorting systems operate, they will ensure a reduction in separation costs, reduction of energy consumption in the plant, reduction of transport costs and a significant reduction in the amount of waste.

Sorting technologies

Our sorting technologies allow you to achieve results faster, more accurately and cheaper than those available from the competition. Optical systems developed by Comex can sort material based on various physical properties such as color, shape or thermal conductivity.

They also allow for a very accurate mapping of material particles in the space of the image analysis window. We have equipped our flagship CXR separation system with an intelligent decision-making system, which significantly speeds up the implementation of some procedures. We use 3D technology in the VSX sorting system to generate perfectly reproduced three-dimensional particle scans. The scanning technologies available in the Comex MSX system allow you to obtain the most accurate information about the scanned materials.

Optical sorting system – benefits visible at a glance

We have created and are constantly developing our sorting technologies with professionals in mind. About those who have high requirements and expect the best solutions in the area of sorting materials. That is why we offer you an optical sorting system based on comprehensive image analysis. What makes our solution so valuable is its ability to sort materials based on their different physical properties, such as color, shape, density and thermal conductivity.

Our sorting system provides you with a product with the highest degree of purity

E.g. before it is prepared for processing. You can successfully use the Comex system to sort, identify and characterize individual materials used in your plant.

The proposed solution will contribute to the increase of your market competitiveness on the market. By implementing our sorting system, you gain the opportunity to sell a product of various types and values.

The Comex optical sorting system guarantees you:

High separation efficiency up to 99.9%
Complete 2D/3D analysis of component geometry
Possibility of separation of waste materials on site
Ability to separate materials by recognizing different features in the same unit
Possibility of obtaining many fractions of material adapted to various market quality requirements (high, medium and low-grade coal and waste material)

By choosing our optical sorting system, you provide yourself with a number of benefits:

You reduce separation costs
You reduce energy consumption in the processing plant
You reduce transport costs between the mine and the plant
You reduce the amount of waste
You increase your yield
You improve the final purity of the product before grinding it
You contribute to reducing environmental pollution
Reduction of environmental pollution

The Comex optical sorting system is essential for:

Processing industry

Mining industry

Construction industry

The activity carried out by Comex related to exposure and consisting in activating devices generating ionizing radiation does not have a negative impact on health or the environment, and does not release radioactive substances.

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