Particle analysis

On-line particle characterization systems – control and optimization

At Comex, we offer advanced particle characterization systems from the grinding process. Our solutions provide full product quality control. They also allow to optimize the production process of loose materials.

The particle characterization system guarantees:

An image of particles in motion
Particle identification based on over 50 parameters, such as color, size, shape, porosity
Identification of a particle by type of material or combination of materials, its dimensions, shape, structure and position in the analyzer window
Particle analysis ranging from 0.5 micron to 500 mm
Particle size measurement straight from most production lines

Choose a system:

Your benefits:

Full knowledge of product quality
Optimization of the production process
Waste reduction
Yield increase

Particle characterization systems are essential for:

Metallurgical industry
Food industry
Chemical industry
Medical industry
Processing industry
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