CMA-D multi-channel analyzer – a comprehensive solution

Our CMA-D analysis system is a proven and market-appreciated solution for on-line particle characterization. Its key feature is the measurement of the grain composition of particles mixed with air, in pneumatic conveying systems or in the form of material in free fall. Measurement is carried out in many parallel channels: you can install up to 9 channels. The measurement can be successfully used for particles in the range from 0.5 to 800 microns.

While working on the CMA-D multi-channel analyzer, our engineers wanted to create an analysis system that would meet the most important needs of industrial companies.

That is why we have created a special model of statistical analysis that provides correct results with high concentrations of particles that are often found in industrial conditions.

How does the CMA-D multi-channel analyzer work?

The grain composition measurement system is based on the laser diffraction phenomenon. The system of pneumatic valves allows for any switching between measuring channels. The system can measure individual channels in any combination, in appropriate periods and taking into account the priorities you define.

The multi-channel particle size measurement system consists of two main parts:

Measuring system located in the production zone
Computer placed in the control room.

Both elements are connected by Ethernet or RS-485 cables.

Choose a system:

Key capabilities of the CMA-D multi-channel analyser

By choosing our analysis system for on-line particle characterization, you are choosing a reliable tool for your daily work. See what the most important capabilities of the Comex analyzer are:

Current material grain composition curves
Mean grain composition curves presented in a strictly defined time interval
Calculated particle volume
Calculated number of Blaine
Particle concentration in the measuring channel
Trend curves showing specific measurement points d50, d75, d97, etc.
Graphs and tables showing the specific parameters of the curves
Ability to save all measurements locally or on an external system via an OPC server
Ability to control external devices with PLC digital controllers for stable production control

CMA-D multi-channel analyzer technical specification

Below we present a detailed technical specification of our analysis system. Familiarizing yourself with these characteristics is to help you get to know the capabilities of our tool even better.

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For more information on the Comex optical sorting system, please contact:

Marcin Jarosz

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