ADWS-150 – a reliable big-bag filling system

The ADWS-150 system is our solution for filling big-bags with powder material. When designing the ADWS-150 system, we wanted to provide our customers with access to a modern and technologically advanced solution that responds to key packaging and weighing needs.

The ADWS-150 filling system consists of an inlet device, a weighing unit and a control cabinet. The individual components of the system are shown below.

ADWS stands for Automatic Discharge and Weighing System. The number 150 is the diameter of the inlet opening in mm.

The main elements of the big-bag filling system

Weighing platform and bag holders

The weighing platform is located under the big-bag holders. We equipped it with a vibrating device and strain gauges. The latter send a signal to the control unit, where the exact weight of the bag is displayed. Weighing accuracy is +/- 1 kg. The vibrator is activated by the control cabinet at appropriate intervals to achieve uniform filling of the bags. The maximum capacity of the weighing platform is 2 t.

Filling device

The filling device is equipped with a manual handle and a rubber bellow filled with compressed air, which during operation ensures a tight connection of the big-bag funnel with the filling pipe. In addition, when a new bag is placed on the handle, the independent pneumatic system can inflate the bag so that it assumes the final shape of a cuboid, i.e. a typical product-filled bag.

Control cabinet

The control cabinet is equipped with a touch panel where all necessary system control functions are available.

ADWS big-bag filling system in a multi-channel system
ADWS control panel

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Key benefits

Weighing big-bags in the range of 0-3000 kg
Bag shaker with programmable vibration times and breaks
Pneumatic sealing of the bag inlet during filling
Valve to shut off the main flow of material when changing the bag
Automatic inflating of a new bag
Touch panel with fully automatic bag changing procedure
Warning lights for operators to indicate bag fill level
External analog and digital signals for connections to the main PLC

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