JMX 50: Small-scale jet milling system for laboratory applications

For typical laboratory applications, we created a grinding system using a jet mill and an air classifier. The system can be configured as the JMX50 jet mill alone (with built-in classifier), as the ACX50 air classifier alone, or both JMX-ACX systems at the same time.

The device we offer is distinguished by its compactness. Requires little input material. The control system guarantees automatic operation with registration of almost all operating parameters in the PLC system.

The throughput of the process is usually in the range of several kilograms per hour. For you, this means considerable flexibility when working with small batches of material, different settings and parameters.

JMX jet mill

We designed our JMX jet mill to stand on weighing cells. Thanks to this, we ensured the optimization of work in terms of proper filling of the mill chamber. The mill also has a built-in air classifier for particle size control. In addition, the separate ACX air separator can be connected to the jet mill for dual aerodynamic classification or can be used separately depending on your process requirements.

The jet milling system can also be used to produce very small samples of material for initial verification for further processing. In addition, the JMX mill measures the grain composition of particles in various parts of the system using an on-line analyzer. This provides you with constant control of the manufactured product. This measurement can be performed on all streams in the system, such as classifier or jet mill feed, mill product, and classifier coarse and fine fractions. All parameters are recorded, and after the tests are completed, you can export them to XL or another program.

Choose a system:

JMX 50 and ACX 50 grinding system configuration options

Comex’s JMX-50 and ACX-50 small-scale jet milling systems can be used in a variety of configurations. The diagram prepared by us shows what model configurations using both systems look like.

Highlights of the JMX 50 and ACX 50

Below we present detailed technical information and operating characteristics of our solutions.


  • feeder performance measurement system
  • the ability to add chemicals
  • mechanical agitation in the hopper for efficient material flow

Cyclone and filter:

  • cyclone with shut-off valve for sampling
  • filter with automatic cleaning cycle

JMX Layout:

  • mill chamber diameter 100 mm
  • pressure in mill nozzles 5-10 bar
  • adjusting product size from 3 to 300 microns
  • mill weight control
  • classifier speed and torque sensor

Aero classifier:

  • 50mm impeller diameter
  • adjusting product size from 3 to 300 microns
  • air flow adjustment
  • fine and coarse fraction sampling system with shut-off valve

Control and instrumentation – parameters registered and stored in the system:

  • control capacity in kg/h
  • nozzle pressure control in bar
  • speed of the aerodynamic classifier inside the mill in rpm
  • rotational speed of the external aerodynamic classifier in rpm
  • classifier engine load in A
  • air flow rates: main and auxiliary in m3 / h
  • fan speed in rpm
  • specific energy during grinding in kWh / t

Grain composition control (optional):

  • continuous measurement of product grain composition
  • continuous measurement of the grain composition of the classifier’s coarse fraction
  • grain composition expressed as characteristic points, e.g. D97, d80, d50 etc.

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For more information on the Comex optical sorting system, please contact:

Jakub Koczwara

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