OSX optical sorting system

The optical sorting system OSX (Optical Sorting ComeX) is distinguished by advanced image processing functions. The use of advanced and constantly updated software in the sorter makes it very competitive with the rest of the systems used on the market for a long time. The innovativeness of this sorting system is possible thanks to Comex’s constant cooperation with the research community, including the largest Scandinavian research institute.

We also test all our solutions in our own, highly advanced laboratory.

We can deliver the OSX unit in various configurations and sizes depending on your needs and customer requirements.

OSX-BF configuration

In the BF configuration, the material is fed to the sorting device using a belt feeder. This allows for a very accurate mapping of material particles in the space of the image analysis window. Behavior are stable flight trajectories at the time of analysis and separation after leaving the feeder zone. In this way, you gain the ability to accurately reject the separated material, which ensures separation with high accuracy and efficiency.

OSX-FF configuration

In the FF configuration, the material is fed to the sorting device directly by means of a vibrating feeder. The material in the further separation phase remains in free fall. Thanks to such material feeding, the optical sorting system can remain small in size. There is no need for a conveyor belt.

The FF configuration is recommended for medium and large particles (above 50-60 mm) due to its lower separation accuracy.

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Our OSX optical sorting system is available in three variants: OSX-600, OSX-1000 and OSX-1500. They differ primarily in the minimum size of separated particles and the typical work efficiency for particles in particular sizes.

Below we present the detailed parameters of each of the OSX variants. If you need more information about any of them, please contact us.

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For more information on the Comex optical sorting system, please contact:

Jakub Koczwara

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