VSX sorting system for 3D scanning

The VSX sorting system enables a complete and accurate 3D scan of every particle. When designing our system, we took care of its universality and ease of configuration. Thanks to this, you can decide what identification techniques you want to equip it with. You can choose from all methods offered by Comex.

In addition, the sorting system has been designed so that you can combine it into parallel production lines.

VSX separator

The VSX separator allows you to obtain fractions of various types. This gives you more flexibility in the process and allows you to get products of different grades or values.

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Sorting efficiency up to 99.%
Capacity: 5-40t/h per line
Capacity: 5-40t/h per line

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For more information on the Comex optical sorting system, please contact:

Jakub Koczwara

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